Iran Calling from European Union is Extremely Feasible Nowadays!

With the magnificent strides taken by the telecom industry, many companies now offer reasonably priced calling from EU countries to Iran. Iran has long been a difficult destination to call to, but with the advancement of technology, one can make pin-free calls from any phone without having to switch your existing service or the wireless provider.

There are companies which offer callers to make easy speed calls. One just has to register the phone numbers and save on 90% on the overall call costs. Also, the telephone lines and services involve no fees of any kind! Absolutely no activation fees and connection fees on the customer and there are no hidden charges of any sort. One can even cancel the calling service at any time since there is no contract in the first place. Some companies even offer flexible payment options in terms of prepaid, postpaid services and payments can be made through the credit card of a bank and through checks.

Even if it sounds too good and unbelievable, it is true. The charges levied by Parstel, a veteran telecom provider facilitates Iran Calling from EU countries at the rate of 0.035 EUR/min. Additionally, the calls for making international calls through mobile to Iran stand at 0.06 EUR/min. Additionally, most companies like Parstel ensure that all long distance calling can be unified into a single account. The accounts can be activated instantly. One does not have to go to the telecom company for sorting out billing problems. Most companies even recharge accounts instantly so one does not have to pay for different calling cards while on the move.

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