It's Possible: A Scandinavian can call Iran today at cost-effective rates!

Communication with the world has become easier with the advancement in technology. But some countries never had any communication or collaboration with the outside world due to the stringent policies which were practiced in those places. At present, progress is visible since there have been a plethora of providers who actually provide calling service cards, especially prepaid calling cards for calling remote locations such as Iran from Scandinavia. To get the best possible prices, one can get an overview from different providers. It is important that along with the cost involved, the quality of the service should be top-notch.

There are companies like Parstel who now offer calling services from and to Iran. There are plans for unlimited calling too. One can call at a single rate to all types of phones whether residential or mobile. The lowest rates of the services are important to get an affordable perspective, but service is almost as important.

With the launch of several telecom providers, the competition amongst the companies has reached a crescendo. It is difficult for many to choose the right provider. All companies are required to provide high quality, affordable and extremely reliable calling card services. The voice clarity is something which is one of the major demands of clients.

There are different calling card plans which one can pick depending on the number of calls that one makes to Iran from Scandinavia. There are separate special plans for corporate calling and different ones for individuals. The plan can be customized depending on the final requirements. Parstel is one such veteran company which operates with a lot of transparency in its working. The company employs the latest technologies and best equipments for promoting customer satisfaction. The rates are quite cheap too with the long distance call from Scandinavia to Iran costing 0.45 SEK/min while international mobile calling starts from 0.30SEK/min.

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