It has never been easier to call long distance from UAE to Iran!

Iran has never been an easy destination to call to. Calling to and from Iran has always been difficult because of the sparse networks that can be found in the country.

But with recent advancements in telecom, it is possible for people staying in UAE to call their relatives and friends residing in Iran. There are companies which provide comprehensive calling services for Iran. What's more, the rates for calling are quite affordable and cheap. For example with the help of Parstel, a veteran service provider, a person residing in UAE can call an Iranian at the rate of 0.79 AED/min. International rates start from 0.49 AED/min. One can call long distance to Iran without any need of access number or PIN number.
Some of the salient features offered by some of the best telecom providers include:

  • Easy speed dial feature for calling

  • Automatic number identification

  • Easy Long Distance call and access without the need of PIN number

  • Superior Quality of call coverage and network

  • Reasonable Rates for affordable calling

  • Use any phone for calling

  • No hidden fees

  • Excellent customer service

Parstel is one such company that facilitates easy calls through the Internet. The whole process is a simple one, and one does not need any special equipment for making the calls. A normal landline or cell phone will suffice for a person to call residents of Iran from UAE or any other country. One can opt from different voice calling plans in accordance to the needs of the users. One can avail unlimited calling plans to call Iran suited for one's personal or professional needs.

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