Call long distance from Malaysia to Iran; it's possible now!

Worldwide communication has become extremely easier with the dawn of advanced technologies. There are many companies which have been in the forefront for providing calling services to various customers. Lately, there have been companies who have started providing long distance calling from Malaysia to Iran. With a robust network and efficient calling services, nowadays companies have started services for those living in Malaysia to connect with their loved ones in Iran. Their consistent services are reasonably priced and uncompromising in quality.

Many providers provide advanced telecommunications services for better operations to different companies and individuals. Their sole aim is to become profitable by providing high-class services to all their customers.

Their reduced rates of calling Iran are testimony to the fact that they are extremely dedicated and persevering in their efforts without being unreasonable in prices. Parstel is one such company which has also managed to lower the cost of existing traditional rates that are being levied by traditional service providers.

Here are the rates for calling long distance from Malaysia to Iran:

Now you can call Iran from Malaysia at 0.099 MYR/min. International rates start from 0.05 MYR/min

Parstel also provides services for calling different parts of the world in the form of voice calls thus giving lot of flexibility and portability to different users from Iran and other remote countries.

What's more, one can avail unlimited calling from Iran to different countries by paying monthly charges upfront. One can speak with their loved ones in European countries at 9.95 EUR / Month, while the rate for calling UK from Iran is 8.95 GBP / Month. Similarly one can call someone in Australia at 14.95 AUD / Month.

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